The monthly Aquadea21 Vortex Project Brief Info - in English

The Aquadea21 Project Brief Info

Every month Aquadea calls for a "vortex meditation event", a time when everyone who has an Aquadea Implosion - vortex device should let it run for a certain time.

The big current event takes place every month on the 21st, at 9pm - for at least 15 minutes. Please everyone take part who has a vortex product! Of course, this time can also be used for meditation.

12.00 PDT (San Francisco Time) : Aquadea21 project    | other timezones please click here

What happens during the project?

"The torus fields of the implosion vortex chamber begin to connect and vibrate coherently, even if the vortex chambers (vortex showers, drinking water whirlpools) are active in different cities.

This creates a free space in which unnatural impulses do not find an echo.

Even fine matter such as separating self-centredness is pushed back or "decompressed" by the natural energy field. Anger and aggression subside.

The space gradually clears and calm and serenity return."

This can be felt quickly on those evenings of the 21st day. Since nature works with the principle of
nature works with the principle of exponentiation or "build-up", each additional whirler amplifies the entire
the whole oscillation field that has been built up together. The morphic field becomes finer, lighter.

When water flows through an Aquadea water vortex or a vortex shower, a new free space is created, a space with little or no external influence. And this space grows with the duration of the flow. It can be felt by the individual within a radius of several metres. This space, this field has no concrete boundaries - very intense in the inner area, becoming more and more subtle towards the outside - and expanding towards infinity. Networking with other torus fields.


Energy always follows attention.

Let us therefore be for something and create a peaceful world for all of us.

When many beings simultaneously decide for life, for peace, for freedom, for just exchange ... then the unbelievable, the unthinkable happens.  
A great common spirit.


The Aquadea21 project

When water flows through an Aquadea crystal vortex healing shower or a crystal vortex for drinking water:

     a) then the water changes to a water with hexagonal structure, with
         life force & "with consciousness".

     b) and (!) not only the water swirls - but the surrounding space, the
         ether also gets into motion:
     An invisible, rotating torus is created around the shower & around
     the whirler, which grows steadily as long as the water flows.
     The life force in the room increases.  Not only in the water.
     The "space" in the room experiences a stronger connection to

I dare to make a comparison here: if you go for a walk in the forest, it feels different than if you walk in an industrial area ?
Nature promotes life & survival. It creates life. In the forest there is more life force and more of the power of nature.
This power helps us to experience more well-being, more stability and peace. Every tree has a strong torus field.

A quality like that of the forest or nature is produced by an Aquadea crystal vortex chamber when water flows through it.

Important: There is a difference in the effect when the chamber is flown through continuously for 15 minutes or more, because then the radius of the effect is much larger than with only 5 minutes.

The spread of the torus goes mathematically towards infinity, but becomes finer and finer.

However, if vortex chambers are flown through simultaneously at intervals of kilometres,
then the torus fields interconnect & reinforce each other. There can be more connection to more causal levels or levels of lower density.

The distance between the vortex units can also be 100 km or more for interconnection.

A space is created in which more life force is available - perceptibly.
Spanned by the torus fields of the vortex devices.
More life force strengthens the soul - the ego can have less effect.
More life force strengthens the immune system & the defences.

In US the Aquadea crystal vortex showers are available by Dr. Tom Cowan.

In such a space, spanned by the networked etheric torus fields of the vortex chambers, there are tangibly more possibilities for ...

  •     change.
  •     more intuition.
  •     more new ideas.
  •     more recognition.
  •     being less influenced. going out of resonance.
  •     less fear. Less anger. more peace.
  •     more joy.
  •     More strength to think the previously unthinkable after all.

That is the overall contribution of Aquadea. Join in!


Global Consciousness Graph November 2021

Following is the current graph regarding the global field of consciousness (GcP Project, Prof. Nelson). There have been some stronger swings outside the "normality corridor" in the last 30 days.  Do you remember how you felt on those days? Feel free to post on our Aquadea21 Telegram channel.
These swings can each be seen as an impetus for a "change in normality". The Matrix changes.
With "business as usual", the graph only oscillates in the area of the 2 inner lines.

Globales Bewußtsein Graph Sept 2021

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