Green Dragon 6 | vortex shower

Green Dragon 6 | vortex shower

ExoPlasma & Ruthenium

This composition of bronze, precious metal, titanium, crystals, implosion & natural geometry creates an ethereal field that supports you:

  • For high purposefulness. To increase your own alignment.
  • Strongly into action. Significantly increase your own implementation strength.
  • Be able to bear pressure from outside more easily.
  • To be able to go towards the goal with full power after showering.

The strong Yang energy of the Green Dragon symbolises effective existence, strengthens one's own presence in life.

The power to win.

The elemental forces of the earth that are rich in blessings are called dragon forces.  They can also be seen as a direct connection to Gaia.

This crystal vortex shower establishes an enormous power from below - and opening upwards.  

The crystalline structure of the green tourmalines:

In them, forms from the realm of minerals, from the realm of plants and forms from the delicate insect life of butterflies weave into each other.

The inner structure of tourmaline is closer to the plant kingdom than any other mineral. Thus, the two green tourmalines here finely reinforce the connection to the power of the earth and nature.

The black tourmaline and the rock crystal form a purifying light bridge in the subtle realm.

 green dragon front


Flow rate: approx. 13 litres per minute (about 3.5 gallons per minute)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
General suitability *¹: X
Heart power*²: X
Transformation force*³: X
Power & Protection, Grounding: X
Aura Purification: X


*¹ The higher the score here, the more the crystal vortex shower is well supporting for everyone. Allround / Family

*² The intensity with which a field of heart warmth, love & liking is built up in the water and in the space around the shower.

The Aquadea Crystal Vortex Chambers are tuned to a very exciting point on the logarithmic scale of natural geometry:  Dissolution & Re-Creation.  This means a constant " Being in the Now".  And change.  The higher this intensity of the "Now", the more and deeper the aspects in us can be touched, which are not in the "Now".  And so often there is also a stagnation. These aspects can, the higher the change power of the Aquadea vortex unit is, be loosened, come more to the surface, into the day consciousness and work there or be looked at, be solved.   The higher the power of change is, the deeper, the more violent one's own processes could become.  The more spiritual work I have already done in this life, the more stable I am, the higher power of change I can tolerate.   
A high power of change is useful for therapists, for example.
If they are very sensitive and easily brought off center, we recommend a vortex unit with a high heart force and a higher protective aspect.


green dragon yang


The titanium exo plasma gold vortex chambers, newly developed in 2021, extend the effectiveness over more levels. Up to the 9th dimension. They provide a basis for exploring new spaces.

Implosion vortex technology in tradtition with the work of Viktor Schauberger.

Recommended price in USA: 970 US dollars

Available in USA here from Dr. Cowan

( No German VAT included )

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