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How can I tell which crystal vortex chambers are installed in an Aquadea shower?

You can only tell whether an Aquadea shower has a rose quartz crystal chamber, for example, if you unscrew the metal resonance plate at the front of the handle. The plate with the e.g. 6 outlet holes where the water comes out during operation.

The plate can be unscrewed with the following procedure:

a) Slip off the black rubber ring (o-ring).
b) hold the black plastic with one hand, the metal plate with the other hand and then turn it. There may be some resistance.

If it is the Basic Shower, it only has a crystal chamber in the middle - the rest are silver chambers. With the Venus Rose, 6 crystal chambers are visible.

When assembling: first screw the plate back on, then slip the black ring over it.

We sell the showers in 2 versions:
a) For overhead installation with ball joint
b) With handle, suitable for a shower hose
If you want to have both options, the extra charge is $57. (Only for deliveries to the USA or outside the EU - this price is without German VAT).

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