Drinking water vortex: Trinity | Bronze Edition coated with pure silver (+ faucet Novara)

The Aquadea Trinity Silver

Drinking water vortex unit with tap for e.g. reverse osmosis units or undersink filter units.



  • Increase the vitality of the usually apathetic tap water.
  • Effective deletion of old information / pollutant information which are still in the purified water. Clarification of the homeopathic level.
  • The water becomes easier to drink and extremely tasty
  • The high vitality and hexagonality of Aquadea Crystal Vortex Water noticeably supports all processes in the body positively. Noticeable after a short time.

trinity schauberger vortex implosion

Three light-crystal vortex chambers are set in triangular formation (triskele) in exact manual work and produce living, oxygen-rich water when water flows through.

For many generations, silver has been used to make jewelry and art objects. Due to its antiseptic effect, the shiny white precious metal found use in naturopathy and modern medicine.

As swirled silver water, it knows how to please with its distinctive flavor: it is described as fresh and lively, equal to pure spring water.

Aquadea swirled water is very cellular, which means that the body's cells are stimulated to detoxify by the fineness and high dynamics in the water.



  • Housing & Vortex Chamber: bronze coated with pure silver.
  • Crystals on reversal point: ruby, black tourmaline, rock quartz crystal
  • Outlets: quartz

The fresh drinking pleasure of silver is reminiscent of a mountain stream in spring or a waterfall in pristine nature.

A Trinity can be expanded with additional Trinity expansion modules.

For a water with high inner power to support healing.

Aquadea trinity silver with faucet

Connection options:

The tap has a 3/8 inch male thread and an adapter for a hose of a reverse osmosis system (approx. 6.3 cm / 1/4 inch hose). 


Recommended price in USA: 630 US dollars

Available in USA here from Dr. Cowan

( No German VAT included )

trinity inside implosion device




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