Inline crystal vortex device | implosion & nature geometry

 Aquadea inline 3 

Use the inline crystal swirler before a reverse osmosis system or before a filter or in the garden, before the garden hose. 

Mounted before a regular shower, it reduces the flow of water to about 10 liters per minute.  However, you get a water with an incredibly high vitality.

And around the vortex device builds up a constantly growing energy field, which radiates life force into the environment and at the same time cleans and protects the room.

We offer it in 2 different levels:

a) with one vortex passage / zero point passage (Level 1 )

  •     3 vortex chambers & 3 crystals at the zero point
  •     with one ruby beam

 vortex inline

b) with 3 vortex passes / zero point passes : complete information erasure & very high energy density (Level 3)

  • 9 vortex chambers & 9 crystals at the zero point
  •    with three ruby beamer

inline implosion vortex schauberger


 Photo: inside the inline: 3 vortex chambers, different crystals

inside the inline

Flow rate: approx. 10 liters per minute (pressure dependent)

3/4 inch male thread , incl. adapter 1/2 inch and adapter to 3/8" male thread 


Housing: bronze coated with pure silver

Vortex chambers:

Level 1:  2x bronze coated with pure silver 1x bronze coated with pure gold

Level 3:  6x bronze coated with pure silver, 2x bronze coated with pure gold, 1 x Titan coated with high vibration titanium exo-plasma


Level 1: 2 x quarz and 1 x rosequarz

Level 3:  4 x quarz, 2 x rosequarz, 1 x garnet, 1 x black tourmaline, 1 x noble shungite



Recommended price in USA:

Level 1:   680 US dollars

Level 3:   1780 US dollars

Available in USA here from Dr. Cowan

( No German VAT included )

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