Vortex Showerhead: Pure Love 7 | Titan Edition coated with pure gold

Pure Love 7 Gold

Experience description after showering with the PureLove 7 by Andrea:

"I feel sheltered. Not through limitation, but as a quality of space. The space becomes light, condensations and rigidity dissolve immediately. Something playful appears, tender, soft, joyful, alive. Connectedness in great lightness.  Just stretching out in this clear and at the same time playful space. It feels familiar.


pure love gold 7 aquadea


 pure love gold 7 aquadea front


pure love gold 7 aquadea with US standard


Pure Love Schauberger shower


pure love shower with handle


aquadea implosion technology pure love


aquadea implosion technology vortex


Composition *:

Base material resonance plate:  pure titanium
Coating resonance plate: 2 layers 24 carat fine gold
Material vortex chamber: 3 x bronze-gold & 4 x exo-titanium plasma (golden colour)

Crystal selection:

    Center: Exo-Plasma: pink sapphire
    Outside: 2 x exo-plasma: rock crystal, 
    exo-plasma: 2x  green tourmaline, 2x ruby in bronze-gold 

Outlets: solid silver plated with gold 24 k

* by werner habermeier


Recommended price in USA: 1.980.-- US dollars

Available in USA here from Dr. Cowan

( No German VAT included )

Other available Aquadea crystal-vortex showers with implosion technology:

LifePower "Larimar 5" - sapphire - PLATINUM" | vitality, intuition & self-actualization

LifePower “Silver Venus 6 ” Basic | clarity and inspiration


Flow rate: approx. 14 litres per minute (about 3.8 gallons per minute)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
General suitability *¹: X
Heart power*²: X
Transformation force*³: X
Power & Protection, Grounding: X
Aura Purification: X


*¹ The higher the score here, the more the crystal vortex shower is well supporting for everyone. Allround / Family

*² The intensity with which a field of heart warmth, love & liking is built up in the water and in the space around the shower.

The Aquadea Crystal Vortex Chambers are tuned to a very exciting point on the logarithmic scale of natural geometry:  Dissolution & Re-Creation.  This means a constant " Being in the Now".  And change.  The higher this intensity of the "Now", the more and deeper the aspects in us can be touched, which are not in the "Now".  And so often there is also a stagnation. These aspects can, the higher the change power of the Aquadea vortex unit is, be loosened, come more to the surface, into the day consciousness and work there or be looked at, be solved.   The higher the power of change is, the deeper, the more violent one's own processes could become.  The more spiritual work I have already done in this life, the more stable I am, the higher power of change I can tolerate.   
A high power of change is useful for therapists, for example.
If they are very sensitive and easily brought off center, we recommend a vortex unit with a high heart force and a higher protective aspect.


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