Vortex Showerhead: Aquadea LifePower Larimar-Sapphire 6 Platinum - Crystal-Vortex Shower Head

Vitality , intuition & self-actualization

The "Larimar-Sapphire 6" is an extremely successful combination of sapphire, larimar, amazonite & platinum from the Larimar series.

This series provides a special force that makes a deep sensation of "basic joy" and "everything is fine" in human beings.

Guided by the intuitive power of the yellow sapphire, the "knower" is awakened in ourselves.

Large and small decisions can be made visible through a clear feeling for the coherent path. Unconventional solutions can also emerge.

The "Larimar" gives peace and serenity and promotes inner and outer growth.

This crystal whirl shower is suitable for people who want to meet new vitality, focused intuition, and the knower in themselves - a shower for every day!


platin 6 larimar saphir shower


platin 6 larimar saphir shower implosion

From Dr. Cowan: The interior of this showerhead, made by the Aquadea company in Germany, is lined with gold, silver and crystals in a very precise pattern.  Based on the work of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester, inventor and philosopher, the chamber inside the showerhead creates a torus energy field that greatly enhances the creative energy of the emerging water.  Astonishingly, putting the water through this internal vortex chamber creates a suction, which one can feel by putting your hand on the emerging water. 

This suction phenomenon exactly mirrors how the heart interacts with the blood in our bodies.  The purpose of this energetic field is to imbue the water with the energy that creates life.  You will feel energized taking showers with the showerhead’s water, and your plants and animals will have improved health and vitality if given this water. 

The showerhead is not meant to purify the water, although there is evidence that it does make the impure elements in the water less harmful to plants, animals and people.  Still, it is best to purify the water first, and then put the showerhead on the pipe or hose from which the water emerges. 

Items are made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

This product ships directly from the manufacturer and will arrive separately packaged from anything else you may order from our site. 

For more information, visit Aquadea’s website by clicking here.


This shower consists of the following components:

  • Bell bronze soundboard coated with platinum
  • Central crystal swirl chamber with yellow sapphire
  • Outside 3 crystal swirl chambers with Amazonite and 2 crystal swirl chambers with Larimar
  • Aquadea shower handle Standard CBH or US standard


Yellow sapphire

Sapphire is almost as hard as a diamond.

It helps to bundle the thoughts and align them with great strength towards a goal.

It creates a vibration field in which the soul can spread and be present.

In conjunction with the other Aquadea components, this creates an enormous activating power in order to approach wishes, needs and goals with greater determination.

Guided by the intuitive power of the yellow sapphire, the "knower" is awakened in ourselves.



Amazonite changes color between green-blue and blue-turquoise.

It stands for joie de vivre & vitality.

This powerful gem supports the ease of starting new projects.

The Amazonite promotes harmonious interaction of mind and intuition.

He gives activation energy to make intuitive perceptions more "audible" and thus create something new and unconventional.



The Larimar - Atlantis stone

Larimar is the ideal healing stone, it serves as a protective stone to recognize people in our environment who no longer fit our way of life.

It promotes self-discipline and the orientation to take life into your own hands and to overcome a passive basic attitude.

It stands for mental breadth and thus serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth. Openness becomes possible!

It helps to better absorb impressions and process them sensibly.



Platinum promotes an overview in stressful situations and helps to see the "things of life" at a distance without being influenced by it. Lost shares are made accessible. A field of wholeness and integrity is created. Energy can flow freely.

Platinum has the ability to balance energies in the body and mind. Where there was heat there is a pleasant coolness, where there is pressure to act there is prudence.

It is suitable for people who are in a therapeutic role or in a managerial position.
For these people it is important to keep an overview and the ability to act for the benefit of the whole.


Flow rate: approx. 13 litres per minute (about 3.5 gallons per minute)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
General suitability *¹: X
Heart power*²: X
Transformation force*³: X
Power & Protection, Grounding: X
Aura Purification: X
Easier to take an outside view X


*¹ The higher the score here, the more the crystal vortex shower is well supporting for everyone. Allround / Family

*² The intensity with which a field of heart warmth, love & liking is built up in the water and in the space around the shower.

The Aquadea Crystal Vortex Chambers are tuned to a very exciting point on the logarithmic scale of natural geometry:  Dissolution & Re-Creation.  This means a constant " Being in the Now".  And change.  The higher this intensity of the "Now", the more and deeper the aspects in us can be touched, which are not in the "Now".  And so often there is also a stagnation. These aspects can, the higher the change power of the Aquadea vortex unit is, be loosened, come more to the surface, into the day consciousness and work there or be looked at, be solved.   The higher the power of change is, the deeper, the more violent one's own processes could become.  The more spiritual work I have already done in this life, the more stable I am, the higher power of change I can tolerate.   
A high power of change is useful for therapists, for example.
If they are very sensitive and easily brought off center, we recommend a vortex unit with a high heart force and a higher protective aspect.


Recommended price in USA: 1250 US dollars


Available in USA here from Dr. Cowan

( No German VAT included )


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