Vortex Gardenshower: AquaJet | Bronze Edition coated with silver

Vortex Gardenshower:
AquaJet | bronze-copper Edition coated with silver

Aquajet Aquadea  Garden vortex


Aquadea Garden Vortex

Aquadea Aquajet - an eye-catcher and rainbow maker for your oasis of well-being: the perfect garden shower | rainbow in every garden.

Vortexed water has positive effects on all living creatures. Humans, animals and also the plant kingdom benefit from the liveliness of hexagonal water. That is why we felt the need to be able to offer you the Aquadea vortex technology outside your own four walls.

The result of our development work is the garden shower "Aquajet".

A unique, high-quality garden shower with 3 vortex chambers made of silver-plated bronze, copper and rock crystal.

It conjures up finest & vital hexagonal water in your garden.
Plants can absorb water & nutrients better.

The natural coherent water swirling refines the droplet size so that the plant can be optimally supplied.

What is true for the plants, you can also feel on your own skin.

The fine vortex spray water wets the skin and is absorbed by it in seconds.

Your plants and the soil will love this water!

We recommend Aquajet if you want to give your garden an extra shot of vitality. Flowers, fruit, vegetables and all other garden inhabitants will easily develop their full plant potential.  

A vortex energy field is created around the Aquajet, which has a cleansing effect on the etheric level and is a joy for all natural beings.

What does Aquadea Crystal Water do in your garden?

The soil stays moist longer and forms fewer cracks during dry periods.
The plants are also much more robust in the face of periods of drought.
The vital swirling water makes you more resistant, less susceptible to pests and has more reserves, which in turn makes you less susceptible to pest infestation.

You grow and blossom, develop your full potential.
The "perception organs" of the plant world react very strongly to positive vibrational fields such as those provided by the Aquadea crystal whirlpools.

Highlights of the Aquadea "Aquajet":

  •     stable long-lasting construction - pleasure for years
  •     strong torus vortex field build-up through 3 parallel crystal vortex chambers
  •     the vortex jets suck in air, thus up to 30% more oxygen in the water
  •     solid metal handle with non-slip rubber coating
  •     Gardena compatible plug connection
  •     lockable handle
  •     solid, corrosion-resistant metal
Vortex chambers: at the outlet rock crystal, at the reversal point copper

vortex chambers bronze silver-plated: at the outlet rock crystal, at the reversal point copper : 399 €


Aquajet Aquadea Garden vortex power



Picture: We are looking insede the Aquajet:  3 Vortex chambers with pure copper at the reversal point. Perfect for plants. 

Aquadea Garden inside copper


When the sun shines, a rainbow is created when using the Aquadea Aquajet. Kids love that!

Aquadea Rainbow Garden vortex spray


Recommended price in USA: 399 US dollars

Available in USA here from Dr. Cowan

 Schauberger implosion vortex garden


Vortex implosion


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