Vortex Showerhead: Tharan Beria | Bronze Edition | protection and cleaning


Themes of this Aquadea composition:

Strong Protection | Power | Clearance & Purification



With this model we have reached the current zenith of the technological development of our crystal vortex chamber technology.

The ethereal power of the Tharan Beria 5 has a strong organising effect in one's own space. Massive strengthening of personal grounding & integrity are the distinguishing features of this premium configuration.

Tharan Beria = powerful protection (translated from Elvish - Sindarin-).

Due to current circumstances and specifically in relation to the C-Event story, we felt compelled to develop a powerful but at the same time as affordable as possible protective shower.

Originally, we took bronze-ruthenium as a base resonance plate - and achieved extremely good results with it. The final optimisation of the resonance plate is now made of pure bronze:
The result was very surprising and resoundingly positive.
An initiation tool is born.

The special arrangement of the vortex chamber in the golden section and sacred geometry plays a decisive role in returning the water to its original vitality, which it has lost through pollutant contamination or even kilometres of travel in unnatural water pipe systems. Aquadea's swirled water has a high fineness and can thus be more easily absorbed by cells.

The torus vortices of an Aquadea crystal vortex chamber are like portals connecting our three-dimensional world with higher dimensions. With the 5th and higher dimensions. The energy, light and love from the higher dimensions can flow into our dimension and provide power to people so that they can more easily begin to transform their environment, their dimension.


Basic material resonance plate: bells bronze
Coating resonance plate: none 
Base material vortex chamber: bell bronze
Coating vortex chamber: ruthenium
Crystal selection:

Centre: Garnet (Aquadea cut)
2x black tourmaline (Aquadea cut) 
1x rock crystal (Aquadea cut) 
1x precious-shungite 




Bronze has the property of forming a patina over time. The colour of the patina depends on water and environmental influences. With lemon water or citric acid, bronze can easily be polished to a high shine again. Please never use vinegar!

In tradition with the work of Viktor Schauberger with additional use of crystals, natural geometry, high vortex speed & reversal point.



Here are the key points / statements of the individual testers, one tester does not want to give the shower away any more, as with her an extremely strong opening of the crown chakra is constantly supported.

  • Clear view of things. Being secure in the world.
  • Retrieval of soul parts
  • Expulsion of old unpleasant things on the etheric level.
  • Grounding, rooting, middle space & root chakra strengthening
  • helpful with etheric injuries


  • Only what can be processed and tolerated at the moment is touched.
  • Mental scars, wounds, old touches that were not beneficial, that one did not want: can dissolve / dissolve.
  •  Shamanic support
  • Old mental assaults can be let go of.
  • protective shower: gentle, deeply penetrating self-liberation
  • Establishment / strengthening of one's own integrity
  • When showering with the Tharan Beria in the morning, a strong protective field builds up around my body on the subtle level. This lasts well for a few hours.
  • It unfolds its full strength in the root chakra. It brings light into darkness - flow into blocked areas. However, its effect extends to the 4th chakra. Used in the whirling technique, its power extends to actually all chakras.
  • "It can act as a lightning conductor for all negative influences, rays and black magic".


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
General suitability *¹: X
Heart power*²: X
Transformation force*³: X
Power & Protection, Grounding: X
Aura Purification: X


*¹ The higher the score here, the more the crystal vortex shower is well supporting for everyone. Allround / Family

*² The intensity with which a field of heart warmth, love & liking is built up in the water and in the space around the shower.

The Aquadea Crystal Vortex Chambers are tuned to a very exciting point on the logarithmic scale of natural geometry:  Dissolution & Re-Creation.  This means a constant " Being in the Now".  And change.  The higher this intensity of the "Now", the more and deeper the aspects in us can be touched, which are not in the "Now".  And so often there is also a stagnation. These aspects can, the higher the change power of the Aquadea vortex unit is, be loosened, come more to the surface, into the day consciousness and work there or be looked at, be solved.   The higher the power of change is, the deeper, the more violent one's own processes could become.  The more spiritual work I have already done in this life, the more stable I am, the higher power of change I can tolerate.   
A high power of change is useful for therapists, for example.
If they are very sensitive and easily brought off center, we recommend a vortex unit with a high heart force and a higher protective aspect.



    Recommended price in USA: 590 US dollars

    Available in USA here from Dr. Cowan

    ( No German VAT included )


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